Rod welding is considered one of the most dangerous processes in the construction industry. In addition to the risks of fires and electric shocks, the rod welding process can cause the emission of dangerous fumes which, if inhaled without the necessary protection or for prolonged periods can give rise to various illnesses.

The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 1998, commonly referred to as COSHH contains detailed regulations which are designed to protect workers from exposure to such fumes/substances.

Types of Rod Welding Injury Claims

Chronic Bronchitis: Chronic Bronchitis is the most common illness caused by welding rods where the rod welding has taken place in an enclosed space with poor ventilation.

Asthma/Respiratory Disease: Welding stainless steel results in chromium and/or nickel fumes being released. With inadequate protection or poor ventilation these fumes can be toxic enough to cause asthma and/or other similar respiratory conditions.

Welders Siderosis: This rod welding injury is a well known condition caused by iron particles being retained in the lungs after they have been inhaled as fumes. After exposure, workers may find they have Metal Fume Fever, which causes symptoms similar to flu.

What to do if you have suffered a rod welding injury

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