Trade Unions

We are, first and foremost, a Trade Union and Personal Injury law firm. Our aim is to be the principal provider of legal services to Trade Unions and membership associations within our region and across the UK, principally England and Wales.

Employment Rights

To help us provide comprehensive legal services to our clients we also operate an Employment Rights Team (which seeks to act only for individuals) and we provide a fully comprehensive range of legal services (Property, Clinical Negligence, Wills & Probate, Matrimonial & Law for the Elderly, Dispute Resolution, Professional Negligence) which we offer to both Union members and private clients.


Our core client base is predominantly Union, but we also act for individuals who are not Union members because we firmly believe in our responsibility to assist individuals, to level the playing field for employees against their employers and to act for victims against big corporations and insurance companies.

Our Values


We will act fairly and even-handedly in all our dealings with people. We adhere to our policies on equality and diversity and treat everyone with respect.

Open & Honest

We will be honest with staff and each other, sharing information across the practice where personal and/or commercial confidence does not require otherwise. We will explain honestly why some information cannot be shared; we will begin each information-sharing exercise with a presumption that information can and should be shared.


We will say clearly what is required and expected from others and clearly express our thoughts and ideas.


We will be prepared to take risk and be comfortable in fast-changing environments, whilst looking positively and with an open mind at new ideas and proposals.


We will work hard to achieve our objectives and ensure that we are trained and confident to do the work assigned to us. We will follow the firm’s practices and procedures, always seeking to go above and beyond for our clients, with our professional, but personable service. We endeavour to retain existing business and acquire new and will avoid complaints, but manage them effectively when they are made.