Morrish Solicitors help cyclist hit by car

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A woman from York has received compensation following a traffic collision, which left her with injuries to her shoulder, neck and lower back.

The accident happened on the evening of 7 January 2014 whilst she was cycling home from work. As she was riding within the cycle lane on a roundabout, she was hit by a car as it tried to exit the roundabout, causing her to be knocked off of her bicycle.

The woman was taken to York Hospital, where she underwent x-rays on her collarbone and elbow. A scan was carried out a week later and a diagnosis of soft-tissue injuries was made.

She underwent numerous courses of physiotherapy and had to take painkillers for some 24 months following the accident.

Investigations carried out by Jason London, Partner at Morrish Solicitors, revealed that the driver of the car admitted that she had not seen the cyclist. However, the Defendants claimed that the cyclist was partly to blame as she had not indicated her intention to remain on the roundabout. Therefore, an argument for contributory negligence was put forward.

Following negotiations a full and final settlement figure of £12,000 was accepted.

The woman said: “The outcome of my accident wasn’t just the physical pain and discomfort I suffered, but also the psychological impact it has had on my life.

This is a situation that could easily have been avoided. I am delighted with the final settlement I have received, with the help of Jason at Morrish Solicitors. I can now look forward to enjoying life.”


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