How to Achieve an Amicable Divorce

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How to achieve an amicable divorce - Morrish Solicitors

How to achieve an amicable divorce? When a couple have agreed they no longer want to be together and have decided to divorce, it is often associated with negative connotations, but does a marriage always need to end on bad terms?

To show our support for the ‘Good Divorce Week’ campaign organised by Resolution, our Divorce and Family Law Solicitors are sharing their advice and useful tips on how to achieve an amicable divorce.

How to Achieve an Amicable Divorce?

The stereotype of a divorcing couple is two people arguing over every issue, hating each other and spending several thousands of pounds on legal fees. However, in reality couples want to have a straightforward and civil divorce.

Some people believe it is impossible to have an amicable divorce, but we do not believe this to be the case .

By approaching your divorce in a positive and constructive manner, it will allow you and your partner to work together to progress the divorce as stress free as possible.

Top 5 Tips to Achieve an Amicable Divorce

Here are Morrish Solicitors’ top 5 tips on how to achieve an amicable divorce from your partner:

  1. Communication is Key – Communicating with your partner openly and honestly is key to having an amicable divorce. It will help you get things resolved and help the proceedings go as smoothly as possible. Refusing to talk to your partner may prolong the process and could lead to higher cost implications. If you have children together communication is key to be able to co-parent effectively and to ensure that the separation has minimal impact on the children.
  2. Get Legal Advice – It is advisable that you seek legal advice from an experienced Divorce and Family Law Solicitor. By consulting a Solicitor, you may be able to save time, money and stress. They will help you achieve the best outcome, ensuring the process is as amicable as possible and there are no unnecessary delays in the process.
  3. Be Understanding – Divorce is one of life’s most stressful events. Although you may have both agreed to divorce, there are a number of emotional, practical and legal considerations to take into account. Therefore, you need to be understanding, listen to any concerns and have patience.
  4. Avoid Seeking Revenge – No matter how hurt you may feel over the divorce it is advisable not to seek revenge because this can lead to a bitter dispute, which can result in a longer and more expensive process.
  5. Don’t Speak Negatively about your Partner – If you want to achieve an amicable divorce you should try and avoid speaking negatively about your partner, no matter how upset you are. It is especially important that you don’t do this in front of your children because it can have a long-term impact on the relationship with their parent.

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