Whistleblowing Claims

Have you blown the whistle on your employers?  Are you facing an investigation, disciplinary procedure or the threat of dismissal because you’ve raised concerns about working practices, colleagues, or the business generally?

We can help.

Whistleblowers are protected in law under the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998.

The law is complex – there are any number of pitfalls for the unwary, so that obtaining timely, expert advice is crucial in these cases.

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Get Expert Legal Advice When Blowing the Whistle on Wrongdoing at Work:

  • Have you made a “qualifying disclosure”?  There is a “shopping list” protected in law.  Not every disclosure is qualified.  Not every statement of fact is a disclosure!  We can help you identify the legal basis of your case.  Has a criminal offence been committed, or a legal obligation broken, for example?
  • Is your qualifying disclosure “protected?”  Not every one is.  As a rule, you should disclose internally, to your employer, before anything else – but complicated rules apply.
  • Is your disclosure “in the public interest” – the legal test is developing; we can advise you about the current position.
  • Did you make the disclosure “in good faith” – if not, any compensation can be reduced.
  • Have you been through the right procedures?  A grievance, possibly?  ACAS Early Conciliation?  We can advise on the right tactical and procedural approach.

No-win, no-fee terms

are often available

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