A Tale of Two Reports

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Two recent but different reports show unhappiness in the world of law.
The World Economic Forum’s ‘Global Gender Gap Report’ shows that the UK has for the first time fallen outside the top 20 most gender-equal countries, dropping from a commendable 9th position in 2006 to a poor 26th position this year (www.weforum.org).  Whilst the report identifies that no country in the world has yet reached true gender equality and that once again the Northern European countries make the top 5 (in the order of Iceland, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark) the UK has now fallen behind other comparable North American and European countries including Canada, the USA, Ireland, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands and France. 
My view is that this has much to do with the recent employment law ‘reforms’ brought in since 2012, which make it harder for females to assert their rights – for example, statutory questionnaires, a tool to help an employee obtain earnings information, have been watered down, and to bring an equal pay claim, there is £1,200 in Employment Tribunal fees to pay to get to a hearing. 

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