10 reasons to make a Will

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Writing your Will can be one of those things you put off, or say you need to do but never get round to doing. Having a Will in place is the best way to make sure your wishes are taken care of when you’re no longer around. Here are 10 reasons to make a Will sooner rather than later.

1. To put into effect your last wishes.

2. To ensure those you want to inherit do in fact do so.

3. To ensure those you do not want to inherit don’t.

4. Appoint Executors to look after your affairs after you have died.

5. Appoint Guardians for any minor children – who will look after them after you have died?

6. Show your family that you have thought about them.

7. Benefit any charities you wish to support.

8. Plan for Inheritance Tax – this is a tax which applies to the value of your estate at the date of death, but there is a lot you can do by way of advance planning to mitigate the effect of the tax.

9. A new Will cancels any old Wills. You may have made a Will many years ago which is now completely out of date, but until you make a new one it is still your Will.

10. Peace of mind. You will feel better when you have made one. A “box” will have been ticked.

At Morrish Solicitors we are able to help with the preparation of Wills, whether they be simple Wills or more complex documents involving planning for Inheritance Tax, care fees or safeguarding vulnerable beneficiaries.

Our specialist Solicitors are here to offer advice and guidance. Contact Tom Morrish, Kiran Chana or Christina Taylor for more information.