“If you or your loved one has suffered a Catastrophic Injury and a lawyer is only focusing on how much money you can get for your claim, clearly, that lawyer does not know what they’re dealing with.  Catastrophic Injury requires serious measures from a serious expert who will take full account of what it will take to rehabilitate the victim, help them adapt their lifestyle and resume life as an active member of society”.

Serious or Catastrophic Injury claims are very different to the average Personal Injury claims routinely dealt with by most solicitors. They may involve injuries to the head, brain or spine, multiple fractures or amputations, substantial burns or even life-threatening diseases such as asbestos-related conditions.

Morrish Solicitors know that such serious claims demand specialist, highly experienced lawyers, and that’s what you get when you talk to us. We have a dedicated department dealing solely with serious injury claims.

How to Bring a Claim

When serious injuries occur, the effects can be devastating on both the victim and the entire family.  Getting specialist advice, as soon as possible, is vital. At Morrish Solicitors, we know that providing a swift response is essential to reduce the fear, the worry that such news brings, and to navigate the uncertainty of times ahead.

We always arrange a face-to-face meeting at the most convenient location for you. The first meeting is a vital, two-way process that allows us to obtain all the necessary information we need from you and provide answers to the many and varied questions you will have. We understand the importance of dealing with both the legal and the human aspects of the claim.  We help remove the burden and worry of dealing with every aspect of an injured person’s life so that he or she can concentrate on what really counts – getting better.

A Different Approach

We have a long history of assisting victims of serious injury to rebuild their lives.  We know that their needs are very different from more common place Personal Injury claims.

The claim itself is not just about receiving compensation, it is much, much more critical and complex than that.  Others may concentrate on the size of the award but, knowing that mere numbers are not the only concern, we adopt a different approach. The final compensation should be the ‘icing on the cake’ only once all other aspects of the claim have been systematically dealt with.

It is vital to set up a detailed rehabilitation programme as early as possible to assist in the treatment of the injury or condition, and to expedite the return to work, at least on a reduced hours basis. In the most severe cases, this programme may mean setting care regimes and life plans, providing modifications to the home or vehicles and even the provision of newly adapted accommodation or transport.

It is vital to secure interim payments as early and as regularly as possible to prevent difficulties with debts, to help buy vital equipment and any necessary treatment needed beyond NHS provision. We recognise that working people who depend on regular income can suffer long-lasting and devastating effects to the entire family if that income is removed through injury.

We also recognise that once the primary needs for rehabilitation, care, accommodation, transport and income are resolved for the longer term, then and only then can we concentrate on the issue of final compensation payment.

It is important to understand that no two claims are the same and each must be viewed on its own merits. Some claims may not suit a final one-off payment, but it may be more effective to seek ongoing income that continues for life.

If each of the above is done correctly, then any final award may, in fact, be reduced because provision has already been made for the claimant’s needs for life. We at Morrish Solicitors believe this is far more important than merely securing a large final lump sum settlement, perhaps years after the incident.

Morrish Solicitors is an active member of the legal team recommended by both the Spinal Injuries Association and Headway, the brain injury association. Martin Bare, is also a Life Member of Headway. We are involved with other charitable organisations who provide vital support and advice for catastrophic injury claimants and their families like The Brain and Spine Foundation, Brake, Aspire and OEDMA.

In certain cases, ‘no win no fee’ arrangements may be available.

Please telephone 033 3344 9600 and ask to speak to the Catastrophic Injuries team, or complete our online form below or email info@morrishsolicitors.com

Client Testimonial

“After an industrial accident in 1994 resulted in a complete spinal injury at T5, we consulted Morrish who agreed to act on our behalf in respect of a claim against my employers’ insurers.  It was explained to us that the financial award or quantum, if we were successful, would depend on a mass of expert witness testimony, not only from Physicians, but care professionals in order to maintain our lifestyle in the years to come.  Things which until then had never occured to us had to be assessed in great detail.  The family home was no longer suitable, and the new one which we found would require much alteration when funds became available.  All of this had to be taken into account.  After several months of rehab, I felt that returning to work would be possible, albeit in a different capacity and after being encouraged by Martin Bare, did exactly that, remaining in full time employment still.  While I understand that returning to the workplace is not suitable or even possible for everyone, in my case I’m sure it has contributed greatly to my general health and well-being. After a successful outcome to the proceedings, my wife and I remain convinced that we received the best possible legal advice and remain indebted to Martin Bare and Morrish Solicitors for the kindness and respect shown to us at a very difficult time.”

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