Redundancy Legal Advice in Leeds

Redundancy can be a complex area of law.

It is always stressful if your role has been placed at risk or you have been selected for redundancy.

Our employment solicitors have represented thousands of people in these circumstances so we understand the questions you may have. More importantly, we know the questions you should be asking your employer. We will tell you everything you need to know about redundancy ensuring your employer follows the correct procedures.

We have a Redundancy Factsheet you may find useful and in addition a short summary about Redundancy.

When more than 20 people are being made redundant at 1 workplace (Collective Redundancy) there is a legal requirement for consultation, and failure to do so can give rise to a claim for a Protective Award. Ideally employers will consult prior to making any employees redundant. To find out more about this, visit our Insolvency and Redundancy page.

If you are dismissed by reason of redundancy you may be entitled to a redundancy payment and possibly further compensation if the decision to dismiss was unfair. Employers often insist on employees signing a Settlement Agreement prior to agreeing to make redundancy payments.

Our specialist team can provide expert advice about Redundancy. We have extensive experience of this area and act for employees all over the UK. Please feel free to get in touch by completing the form below or call us on 033 3344 9600.

Top tips for surviving redundancy

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