Discrimination is a sensitive and complex area of employment law. If you have suffered discrimination it is extremely upsetting and stressful. Having represented many individuals in the past in such claims, we fully understand how difficult and stressful it is. We are very experienced in handling the many difficult factual and legal issues these cases present, supporting our clients in such situations and we always work to protect our clients rights at all times.  If you believe you have been discriminated against, our dedicated and specialist Discrimination Team can provide support, advice and representation on these issues:

We have been involved in leading discrimination cases and have recovered significant sums of compensation on behalf of our clients.  We have a proven track record in discrimination cases.

We give our clients clear frank and straightforward advice.  We assess cases from an early stage, providing support and assistance on the options open to an individual such as whether they should pursue a grievance, attempt mediation, use the Questionnaire process, negotiate with their employer and/or commence a Tribunal Claim.

Download our Disability Discrimination and Discrimination under the Equality Act 2010 factsheets.

View our infographic – Employment Discrimination: the reality

Case Studies

We acted for a senior Customer Services Assistant who suffered from a rare neurological condition that caused her to be prone to fits; a ‘disability’ in law. When her employer suddenly relocated her to a different role, in a different geographical area, which exacerbated her condition, we were able to recover a significant compensation payment, a payment in lieu of notice and a positive employment reference.
We acted for an office worker who was dismissed by his well-known employer as a result of his active involvement in his Trade Union. After issuing Employment Tribunal proceedings, our client received a large compensation payment and a positive employment reference.
We acted for a female employee who was on maternity leave and who was discriminated against because of her maternity leave and her sex and asked to leave her living accommodation, provided as part of her contract. We were able to negotiate a settlement which enabled her to leave employment with a good reference and move on to another job suitable for her and her child
We acted for a number of employees who were compulsorily retired from their jobs in the motor industry. The compulsory retirements were age discriminatory and unfair as the correct procedures had not been followed and the retirements could not be properly justified. We negotiated a compensation payment for each of them, helping to recoup some of their losses for not being allowed to stay in work longer.
We acted for a manager who suffered from Fybromyalgia and was dismissed by the employer, despite medical evidence to suggest the medical condition had improved. The employer failed to make reasonable adjustments, such as exploring other suitable vacancies. The dismissal was discriminatory and unfair. The employer agreed to pay compensation
We pursued Employment Tribunal proceedings for a senior manager of a large employer for equal pay, age discrimination and sex discrimination. She was paid less than her male counterparts for over 3 years and displaced from her role on alleged discriminatory grounds. The matter settled for a confidential 6 figure sum.
We successfully represented a female paramedic in claims for disability discrimination when she was treated differently following treatment for cancer. The claim proceeded to Judicial Mediation and a significant payment of compensation was paid by the employer
We successfully represented an Asian employee in claims for race discrimination and constructive unfair dismissal which were upheld by the Employment Tribunal, resulting in a 5 figure award of compensation for injury to feelings in addition to compensation for other losses.

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