At Morrish Solicitors, we recognise that you will want to achieve a successful outcome to any dispute in which you may become involved in, but at the same time try to keep the disruption to your personal or business life and legal fees to a minimum.

We recommend that you contact us at the earliest possible opportunity to obtain advice on the strength of your case so that you know precisely where you stand. This will help you to decide how best to negotiate and if possible, how to achieve an early resolution of the dispute.

Types of Dispute Resolution Services

Our dispute resolution and litigation solicitors are on hand to offer advice if a dispute arises or is at risk of arising. We act and advise in relation to disputes involving:

If you are involved in a dispute with an individual or organisation, we can advise you on the best solution to resolve the issue. We’ll assess whether you have a strong case, outline the cost and how long it may take to achieve an outcome.

How is a Dispute Resolution Case Resolved?

A dispute resolution case can be resolved in a number of ways before it is necessary to consider court proceedings and indeed we are very much of the opinion that court proceedings should only be considered in the event that other forms of alternative dispute resolution did not work. If at all possible, one of our solicitors will work with you to help negotiate the dispute to avoid the stress and expense of taking the case going to court. There are occasions where court action cannot be

avoided and if that is the case we have the expertise to deal efficiently with ensuring that we work tirelessly to achieve the best outcome for you.

Why Choose Our Dispute Resolution Solicitors

Morrish Solicitors are one of West Yorkshire’s leading Law Firms providing legal advice to clients in Leeds, Sheffield and the rest of the UK. With a successful history of recovering significant compensation for our clients, we are experienced at handling a variety of dispute cases.

Our team of dispute resolution solicitors provide a personalised service unique to each client , offering practical advice to achieve a positive result. We will ensure that you will be kept up to date with any development in relation to your case and we will give you realistic advice at all times. We’ll also explain the funding options available to you including whether you are likely to be able to recover your costs from the other side or not.

As a reputable Law Firm, we are regulated by The Solicitors Regulation Authority so, you can be reassured we are working to the highest standard providing quality advice.

Dispute & Litigation Advice from Morrish Solicitors

If you need clear, honest and fair legal advice on how to settle a dispute with an individual or organisation contact our specialist dispute and litigation solicitors on 033 3344 9600 or simply complete our online enquiry form and a member of the team will contact you shortly.

Private Dispute Resolution Solicitors in Leeds

Private Dispute Resolution

Our first priority at Morrish Solicitors is to provide the right expert legal advice for your specific circumstances to help you negotiate a satisfactory resolution without the need for litigation if at all possible.

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Commercial Dispute Resolution

It is an unfortunate fact of our increasingly litigious society that, whether as an individual or business, we are likely to become involved in a dispute of some sort at some point in our lives. At Morrish Solicitors we recognise that you will want to achieve a successful outcome to any dispute in which you may become involved, but at the same time try to keep the disruption to your personal or business life and legal fees to a minimum.

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Commercial Dispute Resolution at Morrish Solicitors in Leeds

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