We are, first and foremost, a Trade Union and Personal Injury law firm. Our aim is to be the principal provider of legal services to Trade Unions and membership associations within our region and across the UK, principally England and Wales.

Services for Trade Unions

Services for Trade Union Members

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Morrish Solicitors - Services for Trade Union Members in Leeds
  • Constitution & Rule Book Issues
  • Responding to Government Consultation
  • Industrial Action & Picketing Advice
  • Campaigning & Organising
  • Trade Union, CAC and Certification Office matters
  • Collective Issues (bargaining; redundancy & TUPE consultation
  • Protective Awards
  • Internal HR Issues
  • Property, defamation, criminal
  • Trade Union Advice Helpline: to Officers & Officials providing legal advice/to members providing employment & general legal advice

We provide a comprehensive range of legal services to support Trade Union members and their families