Pleural plaques are scarring of the lung tissue and do not usually cause physical impairment/symptoms. They are however a sign of changes to the body as a result of asbestos. This can mean that the individual is at a small but significantly increased risk of developing a more serious asbestos related condition. Until relatively recently it was possible to claim a modest sum in compensation for contracting pleural plaques.

Unfortunately the House of Lords have ruled that pleural plaques are not compensatable as they do not cause symptoms, save for anxiety, which in the opinion of the law lords did not give rise to a claim for damages. It is widely hoped that the government will pass legislation to overrule this unfair decision. There is an ongoing consultation process. In the meantime Morrish Solicitors is still prepared to register such claims on our system but can only actively pursue them if the law is changed.

If you have been diagnosed with an asbestos related disease please contact our solicitors on 033 3344 9602 or complete our online claim form to discuss your own case and our team will guide you through the claims process.