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Family Law

The family law department at Morrish Solicitors in Leeds provide sensitive advice and work effectively to achieve the most practical solution for you. Our aim is to achieve a constructive and amicable solution in order to keep costs and stress to a minimum.

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Divorce Solicitors

Divorce and separation are amongst the two most stressful life events. If your relationship has broken down and you would like to know what your options are speak to our specialist Divorce Solicitors in Leeds and Yorkshire 

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Divorce Solicitors - Morrish Solicitors
Cohabitation Agreement - Morrish Solicitors

Cohabitation Agreement

Moving in with your partner? We strongly recommend you make a cohabitation agreement with your partner to protect yourselves should your relationship break down. A cohabitation agreement provides protection and security for you and your partner by outlining how certain things will be dealt with if your relationship ends and you no longer want to live together.  

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