Man who fell through roof awarded compensation

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A man has been awarded £190,000 compensation after suffering life-changing injuries when he fell through an asbestos roof whilst at work on a farm in 2014.

Garry Stott, who was 45 at the time of the accident, was carrying out maintenance work on the guttering of a roof on a corn store, when the roof gave way and he fell 20 feet into a corn bin.

The Fire Service had to clear asbestos, which covered Garry when he fell, before he could be airlifted to Leeds General Infirmary. Scans and tests revealed that he had fractured his skull, broken several bones including his ribs and collarbone and had a collapsed lung.

Garry spent 6 days in a coma and was placed in intensive care for a month. He was unable to return to work until 6 months later.

Morrish Solicitors made a claim for compensation

In the months that followed the accident, Garry struggled with his breathing and found physical exercise and work difficult to manage.

Garry instructed Morrish Solicitors to pursue a claim on his behalf against his employer. Investigations revealed that there were numerous health and safety failures made by his employer and they had not carried out adequate or sufficient risk assessments. However, they denied liability for the accident.

Morrish Solicitors referred Garry to a Consultant Neurosurgeon, who confirmed that the crush fracture of one of his vertebrae had sadly resulted in curvature of his spine, which limited his movement.  There would also be an increased risk of epilepsy developing in the future, as a result of the accident.

A Consultant Physician confirmed that Garry would have some permanent respiratory disability, due to the injuries that he had suffered.


Following negotiations at a joint settlement meeting, his employers offered a full and final settlement in the sum of £190,000 which was accepted.  This figure took into consideration Garry’s lost earnings, cost of care and assistance and injury damages.

Mr Stott said: “The outcome of my accident wasn’t just the physical pain and discomfort I suffered, but also the financial pressure it put on me whilst I was unable to work.

This is a situation that could very easily have been avoided. I am delighted with the final settlement I have received, with the help of Jason at Morrish Solicitors.”