What to Do If I’m Knocked Off My Bike?

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What to do if you're knocked off your bike - Morrish Solicitors

I’ve been knocked off my bike, what should I do?” If you’re unfortunate enough to be knocked off your bike due to a road traffic accident, you may be in shock and angry especially if the accident wasn’t your fault.

In this article our experienced Personal Injury Solicitors explain the steps you should take after you’ve been knocked off your bike.

What to do If You’re Knocked Off Your Bike?

After you’ve been involved in a road traffic accident, if you’re in a position to do so you should carry out the following steps:

  1. Get the contact details of those involved in the accident – If there are other people involved in the accident you should take their contact details this includes their name, address and vehicle registration. This is vital if you wish to pursue a claim as your solicitor will then be able to obtain the motorist’s insurance details.
  2. Witness contact details – Also, if there are any witnesses of the accident, you should get their names, addresses or phone numbers too.
  3. Take photos & videos – Take photos and videos of what caused the accident e.g., the car involved in the accident, pots holes etc. Also, if you don’t want to or you’re unable to exchange details with the motorist, then you should take a photo of the vehicle’s registration so your solicitors are able to obtain their insurance details
  4. Contact the police – Although the police may not attend the scene of the accident you should report the accident to the police either straight away or within 24 hours of the accident occurring. Reporting the accident to the police will help support your claim.
  5. Seek medical advice – Even if the injuries you sustained are minor, you should seek medical advice. This will help support you and your personal injury claim.
  6. Keep damaged bike & equipment – If your bike or cycling equipment was damaged in the accident make sure you keep these because they may be needed for evidence when pursuing your claim.

If you’ve been knocked off your bike and would like to make a cycling accident claim, please contact our specialist Personal Injury Solicitors on 033 3344 9600.

Cycling Accident Claims

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