We are one of a handful of law firms in the UK providing advice and representation to Trade Unions and their members in connection with the legal minefield surrounding industrial action.

Where members are participating in a strike or action short of a strike, it is vital to get the right advice at the earliest possible stage when planning your campaign.

There is no right to strike in UK law.

Instead Trade Unions and their members can benefit from a set of statutory protections – all of which depend on navigating through a byzantine maze of deliberately ambiguous and complicated legal rules.

At Morrish Solicitors we have been providing advice and assistance to Unions and their members for decades and our expertise spans from heavy industry through public transport and into health, through private haulage, manufacturing and the professions.

We recognise that industrial action is often about politics just as much as it is about law and procedure.  Our advice is practical and robust, straightforward and clear.

For further information, please contact David Sorensen or Paul Scholey.