Brass employees get the compensation they deserve

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Employees of Brass Agency contacted us on the 8th December 2019 after the company went into administration and over 50 employees were left without a job. When employees have been made redundant without appropriate information or consultation, and there are 20 or more employees based at one establishment such as a workplace, they can make a claim to an Employment … Read More

ALNO employees have a right to justice

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We are offering assistance to employees of ALNO UK as a result of the organisation’s recent announcement that it has entered into administration. ALNO UK, the retail and commercial kitchen supplier, made 160 employees redundant with immediate effect on 22 September across sites in Wolverhampton, Leeds and Sevenoaks. We understand this has resulted from their parent-company, based in Germany, entering … Read More

Getting away with it?

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As specialist lawyers for Claimants in Employment Tribunals and Courts, we often get involved in cases involving companies going bust (e.g. going into administration or liquidation), and dismissing large numbers of employees as a result. A good number of well-known companies have recently gone bust – City Link, BHS, Austin Reed and Phones4u. There are common themes to many recent … Read More

Employment Tribunal rules in favour of sacked Austin Reed workers

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Manchester Employment Tribunal has awarded a 90-day protective award to ex-employees against the two Austin Reed companies, AR Realisations 2016 Limited and ARG Realisations 2016 Limited. This follows a failure by the companies to properly inform and consult employees in their main offices at Thirsk and London in the lead up to the companies’ insolvency in April 2016. The insolvencies … Read More