Do the self-employed have any protection from discrimination?

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This month our Employment Solicitor, Claire Pegg, looks at employment rights for self-employed individuals. Self-employed individuals do not benefit from the same employment rights that are afforded to employees and workers. In particular, they are not entitled to: • protection from being unfairly dismissed; • Statutory sick pay • Maternity, adoption, paternity or shared parental leave and pay • receive … Read More

Employment Rights Update – July 2016

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The Supreme Court handed down interesting Judgments on these two cases which involved two Nigerian nationals. Taiwo (Appellant) v Olaigbe and another (Respondents) and Onu (Appellant) v Akwiwu and another (Respondents) [2016] UKSC 31 Ms Taiwo is married and has two children and was living in poverty in Nigeria. She entered the UK lawfully in February 2010 with a migrant … Read More

Tattoos in the workplace

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For years, tattoos were considered taboo in the workplace; with some employees alleging that their employment has been terminated as a result of having a tattoo or they have simply not been offered a job because of it. Traditionally, tattoos were associated with bikers and gangs, but this has evolved, with tattoos gaining wider social acceptance. A recent study by … Read More