Legal advice privilege – Disability Discrimination

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As a general rule advice passing between lawyer and client is “privileged” i.e. the client is not bound to disclose it in legal proceedings. An exception to that rule is “iniquity” e.g. when the advice is being used for fraudulent activity. In X v Y Ltd the EAT has looked at the iniquity exemption in the context of “how to … Read More

Mental Health at Work

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Sadly, I deal with many workplace disability discrimination cases and a high proportion of those involve mental health issues. In my experience, employers find it much more difficult to understand and manage mental health issues in the workplace, in contrast to other disabilities. I therefore welcomed Theresa May’s announcement in January this year that an independent review was to be … Read More

If you can’t join them, beat them (twice!)

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Government Legal Service v Brookes UKEAT/0302/16/RN An aspiring law student dreamt of joining the Government Legal Service. She studied hard and got her law degree. Amongst thousands of graduates, she applied for a handful of trainee solicitor vacancies at the GLS. She had Asperger’s Syndrome. The medicos agreed that this condition made it difficult for her to complete multiple choice answers … Read More