Plan to Support Patients Injured by Medical Mistakes

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Plan to Support Patients - Morrish Solicitors

The campaign group, Harmed Patients Alliance and patient safety charity, Action against Medical Accidents are urging the National Health Service to support their plans to help patients injured by avoidable medical mistakes.  

Plan to Support Patients Injured by Medical Mistakes

Although the National Health Service provides an outstanding service to patients and carries out millions of successful procedures each year, unfortunately there are occasionwhere medical mistakes are made, which can result in devastating consequences for the patient and their family.  

According to NHS reports more than 2 million safety accidents are recorded each year, with more than 10,000 incidents resulting in serious harm and death.  

The purpose of the campaign is to provide help and support to the patients and families of those who have suffered harm due to an avoidable medical mistake. 

Our Medical Negligence Solicitor, Anna Sari commented, “It is important that patients are supported when avoidable errors occur. Many clients are looking for an apology or acknowledgement of mistakes.  They should be included within the investigation process to try to understand what happened and why and what lessons will be learned to reduce harm to others. The only way to reduce medical accidents and improve patient care is by learning from mistakes when they happen.

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