Sharp Fall in Bowel Cancer Cases

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Sharp Fall in Bowel Cancer Cases - Morrish Solicitors

Since the start of the pandemic there has been a sharp fall in diagnosed bowel cancer cases due to disruption to screening and diagnosis. Therefore, there could potentially be thousands of people suffering with undiagnosed and untreated bowel cancer.

Sharp Fall in Bowel Cancer Cases

It has been reported by Bowel Cancer UK that there have been over a million missed opportunities for bowel cancer screening since lockdown began last March. The disruption to healthcare services caused by preventing the spread of Coronavirus means there are thousands of undiagnosed bowel cancer cases in England alone.

The sharp fall in bowel cancer cases is concerning because like many other cancers the early detection of bowel cancer is imperative to increase a person’s chance of survival.

Thousands of Individuals May Have Undiagnosed and Untreated Bowel Cancer

In addition, there are thousands of people who may be suffering due to their bowel cancer treatment being postponed or cancelled by the NHS.

Unfortunately, patients are now having to wait longer for their treatment as hospital waiting times soar because hospitals are struggling to get through the backlog of patients due to Coronavirus restrictions.

What are the Symptoms of Bowel Cancer?

According to the NHS more than 90% of people with bowel cancer have one of the following combinations of symptoms:

  • Blood in the poo without other symptoms of piles (hemorrhoids)
  • Persistent change in bowel habit
  • Abdominal pain, discomfort or bloating always brought on by eating

If you are suffering from any of these symptoms, you should contact your GP as soon as possible.

Make a Claim for Delayed Treatment

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