When an individual has suffered from a head injury or a brain injury the effects can often lead to life-altering changes. Severe head injuries can lead to severe physical disabilities and permanent brain damage. These injuries can result in the need for extensive, long term medical treatment and also intensive rehabilitation to help the individual to recover former skills. Early rehabilitation, following a head or brain injury, is often vital to assist the development of the highest possible level of independent functioning for the individual concerned.

Morrish Solicitors’ Catastrophic Injury Unit experts are trained in the complexities of dealing with the full implications of a head injury or brain injury on the individual suffering from the injury and their family and loved ones. This is why we pride ourselves in our experience and knowledge of dealing with head and brain injury cases and treat each case and the people involved in a sympathetic and helpful way.

Our Head and Brain Injury Team

At Morrish Solicitors our team of experienced lawyers are not only dedicated to obtaining the maximum amount of compensation for those who have suffered from a head or brain injury but we also put a significant emphasis on assisting people with their recovery and implementing an appropriate program of rehabilitation at the earliest possible opportunity.

If you have sustained a catastrophic injury, a member of our team of experienced lawyers will be happy to arrange to visit you at your home to advise you about your claim.