Occupational skin related diseases affect thousands of working people every year and are mainly caused from exposure, or over-exposure, to harmful substances or chemicals. Most occupational related skin diseases affect exposed areas of the body such as the hand, face and neck and it is rare for skin conditions to affect the covered parts of the body.

Occupations which are at the highest risk of skin related diseases include cleaners, factory workers, and those involved in the manufacturing sector where potentially harmful substances are used.

Types of occupational skin related disease

Dermatitis: Dermatitis is the most common form of an occupational skin related disease and the symptoms include itching and redness, with skin that becomes raw and rough leading to cracked, broken and sore skin.

Other skin diseases linked to occupation:

Occupational Acne: Can be caused by overexposure to oil, coal-tar, chloracne

Pigmentary disorders: Can be caused from exposure to hazardous agents such as UV, X-rays

Skin Cancer: Exposure to radiation in the workplace can lead to skin cancer

Dermatitis and skin related disease claim advice

Our industrial disease and occupational illness solicitors specialise in advice and representation for victims who have suffered as a result of a skin related disease caused by exposure to harmful substances in the workplace.

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