Suggested Procedure in the event of possible exposure to asbestos in a school

1. Contact your Trade Union representative for advice and support in dealing with the incident

2. Register the possible exposure to asbestos incident with your union who will most likely keep a central database of such incidents

3. If you are not a member of a union contact the H&S Trade Union Representative in school to report the possible exposure to staff and pupils and ask that person to register the exposure to their members in the school with the union

4. Report the incident to the HSE if the school has not already done so make a formal report on a RIDDOR form – you can report online at

5. Complete a school incident/accident report form – include the date and location of the incident, the type of asbestos and describe the circumstances of the possible exposure

6. Record details of the relevant Employer Liability Insurer and Public Liability Insurer at the date of the incident – certificates of insurance should be on display in the school

7. Keep a record of potential witnesses including all staff and pupils possibly exposed with contact details (where appropriate/possible)

8. Keep a copy of all relevant documents including incident report form, RIDDOR form, any minutes, staff bulletins etc. issued by the school

9. Make a written request to the Board of Governors for the matter to be investigated by the H&S Governor

10. Contact the Local Authority and request advice from the buildings/asbestos unit

11. Seek advice for your GP if you have any health concerns

12. Visit the Asbestos in Schools Group website