£16,000 for unfairly dismissed worker

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Leeds, England – Leeds Employment Tribunal awarded a construction worker over £16,000 compensation for unfair dismissal by CJ Ellmore & Co in May 2009.

The Tribunal granted the application for loss of earnings, loss of pension, protective award, unpaid notice pay, unpaid holiday pay, future loss of earnings and loss of statutory rights.

The worker, who had been with CJ Ellmore since 2004, has been placed on short time working in March, and again in April. On returning from leave in April, a colleague told him by phone that the company no longer existed.

Morrish Solicitors, representing the worker, today said “My client had just about given up hope when he spotted an article we’d written on short time working and redundancy. He got in touch and, thankfully, we were within the time limit to lodge a claim with the Employment Tribunal. Many people who have been made redundant fail to act quickly, which kills any chance of claiming compensation that would lawfully be theirs.”

“My client has thankfully found another position elsewhere. He is an honest, upstanding man who simply wants to earn his living. CJ Ellmore failed in their duty to treat him fairly, but thanks to swift action he has found justice,” said Power.

Earlier today, the worker said “The result was absolutely superb. Anna and her secretary Sandra Carr were absolutely brilliant and always replied quickly. They kept me informed all the way through, and even the Judge was very complimentary of all the paperwork she’d prepared.”


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