What is the Personal Injury Claims Process?  

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What is the Personal Injury Claims Process - Morrish Solicitors

What is the personal injury claims process? The personal injury claims process may seem like a minefield, especially if you’ve never made a claim before. However, making a claim doesn’t have to be complicated, our Personal Injury Solicitors have created this helpful article to explain the stages of the personal injury claims process from start to finish.  

What is the Personal Injury Claims Process?

Before you even start the claims process, you may be questioning if you are entitled to make claim and what your options are. If you have sustained an injury, illness or disease as a result of someone else’s negligence then you may be entitled bring a personal injury claim.

Contact us on as soon as possible on 033 3344 9600 to speak to one of our injury lawyers for legal advice on your situation and we will establish if you have grounds to make a claim. 

Personal Injury Claims Process - Morrish Solicitors

Types of Personal Injury Claims

Our team of experienced Personal Injury Solicitors have extensive knowledge across a wide spectrum of types of personal injury claims including: 

  • Accidents at Work  
  • Road Traffic Accidents – Driver, Passenger, Pedestrian, Motorcyclist or Cyclist Claims 
  • Public Liability – Slips, Trips or Falls in a Public Place  
  • Infant Claims and Settlement  
  • Product Liability and Defective Product Litigation  
  • Catastrophic Injury including Head Injuries and Spinal Injuries 
  • Occupational Diseases including Respiratory Diseases, Repetitive Strain Injury, Hearing Loss and Dermatitis etc.  
  • Asbestos   

How to Make a Personal Injury Claim?

To make a personal injury claim you must have sustained an injury, illness or disease as a result of someone else’s negligence. There are strict time limits that personal injury claims are subject to.  In England and Wales you must be able to make a claim within 3 years from the date of the accident. Different time limits apply to different countries outside of England and Wales. 

Due to the length of time it takes to pursue a claim, we strongly advise that you make the claim as soon as possible after your accident to give your solicitor as much time as possible to assess your case, gather medical evidence, contact insurers and build the best possible case for you.  

The Stages of Making a Personal Injury Claim

Here at Morrish Solicitorsour Personal Injury Solicitors aim to make the personal injury claims process as simple as possible.   

Below we explain the stages of making a personal injury claim:  

  1. Contact Us – Firstly, you should contact us on 033 3344 9600, email info@morrishsolicitors.com or simply fill in our online contact us form with as much information as you can regarding your accident. One of our friendly legal advisors will then go through your details, discuss your accident and assess whether or not it is something our experienced solicitors can help you with.  
  2. Speak to one of our Personal Injury Solicitors – If your case is accepted it will then be passed on to one of our specialist solicitors who will review the caseAt this stage they may want to speak to you either in person or over the phone to ask additional questions.  
  3. Consultation and Fact Finding – The next stage would be to gather any further evidence that will support your claim e.g., medical records and witness statementsWe may also arrange for an independent medical to assess the extent of your injuries, which may recommend what kind of treatment you need. Please note, if you have any relevant information, documents and photographs of the accident it’s important you let your solicitor know as these will help to support your claim.  
  4. Claim Submission – Once we’ve gathered enough information for your case, we will submit your claim to the party who are believed to be responsible for your accident. This may be a claim against the individual directly responsible for your accident, a company, public body or insurer.  Whoever it is will be the Defendant in your claimFollowing submission of the claim, we will await a response from the Defendant and you will be kept informed on the progress of the claim.  
  5. Negotiations – When we’ve had a response from the Defendant and if liability (blame) is admitted then, we will negotiate a settlement on your behalf to secure compensation for your injury, financial losses sustained and compensation for any future treatment or costs required as a result of your accident. However, if the Defendant denies liability then they must give reasons for this and provide documentation to support their decision.  This will enable us to advise you further with a view to proceeding to try and achieve an admission of liability.  
  6. Settlement and Payment – The final stage is to settle the claim and pay the compensation from the Defendant into your bank account. Depending on the terms we took your case on, we may take a small percentage from your compensation under No Win No Fee terms. 

Specialist Personal Injury Solicitors in Leeds and Yorkshire

Morrish Solicitors are a leading Law Firm based in Leeds providing legal services to Trade Unions, their members and private clients based both regionally and nationally 

Our Personal Injury Solicitors are experienced in dealing with a range of claims including Accidents at WorkRoad Traffic AccidentsCatastrophic Injury including Head and Spinal InjuriesOccupational Diseases, Public Liability, and Product Liability. We provide a tailored service to meet our clients’ circumstances and have a successful history of recovering significant compensation for our clients, injured as a result of someone else’s negligence. Our team of specialist solicitors have achieved the Law Society‘s Personal Injury Accreditation so, you can have peace of mind your case is in the best hands.  

If you or a loved one has suffered injury, illness or disease as a result of someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to make a personal injury claimContact us today on 033 3344 9600 or simply email info@morrishsolicitors.com and one of our experienced personal injury solicitors will assess whether you have grounds to make a claim.  

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