New employment rights blog – an extraordinary day in the life of an Employment Lawyer

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We blogged last month about the legal changes that were expected, but now they have arrived. The 29thJuly has brought change –fundamental change. It has also brought with it… mayhem!

Last Monday, for the first time ever, Claimants now have to pay a fee to lodge their claim. A Claimant will pay £160 for a“type A” claim and £250 for a “type B” claim. Hearing fees for those claims are£230 and £950 respectively. Type A claims are meant to be the easier ones, type B the more difficult sort. But which claims are which? Good question – as of this past Monday, we didn’t have a final copy of the Fees Order – it was only in draft form. The final draft didn’t arrive until one day after implementation!

To see what these are, view our full employment rights legal blog.

If you would like further information or have any questions, please contact a member of our employment rights team.


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