MP’s briefing about Employment Tribunal fees

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We know we’ve banged the drum many times about ET fees but we think a recent briefing for MP’s is worth a mention. The report is located at:
In a nutshell, the report confirms that:
  • ET claims had been in a long-term decline before ET fees were introduced in July 2013; they rose at the height of recession in 2009/2010 but were declining again three to four years before ET fees were introduced
  • Claims dropped by 67-69% after ET fees were introduced
  • Fee remission (whereby a person can have the ET fees reduced in full or part, for example because they have a low income) was only applied for in 1/3rd of ET claims (for issue fees) and of those applications, it was only granted in 39% of applications. This shows that the majority of Claimants have to pay full ET fees of as much as £1,200.00.
This again illustrates the drastic impact of ET fees on access to justice. It also reiterates our previous concern about the need for ET fees in the first place; with falling ET numbers, what rational basis was there for implementation?



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