Morrish Solicitors lodge Employment Tribunal claim for 250 former City Link staff

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Employment lawyers at Leeds-based Morrish Solicitors have lodged an Employment Tribunal claim on behalf of 250 former City Link staff for City Link’s failure to properly consult its workforce over redundancies.

More than 2,500 City Link workers discovered their employer was going into Administration on Christmas Day last year and the majority were made redundant on New Year’s Eve.

When a company intends to make more than 100 staff redundant there is a statutory period for consultation of 45 days. As City Link did not properly consult their staff, they now have claims for a Protective Award, which can provide compensation of up to 90 days’ gross pay, in addition to any redundancy or notice pay they may have already received no matter what their length of service.

Commenting on the claim, David Sorensen, Partner at Morrish Solicitors said:

“The team at Morrish Solicitors are working hard on behalf of the former City Link employees to gain compensation after the firm went into administration on Christmas Eve. The claim has now been lodged with the Employment Tribunal and once the claim has been processed, it will be sent to City Link’s administrators. They will have 28 days from receipt of the Claim within which to lodge a formal response and this will confirm whether the Claim is admitted or whether the administrators (on behalf of City Link) intend to defend it.

Whilst the tribunal process has only just started early indications are that each employee may recover several thousand pounds depending on how the case proceeds, but it may be several months before the final hearing will take place.”

Morrish Solicitors are also representing over 200 former Phones 4U employees following the administration of the business last year and they have recently acted for 184 former employees of a printing company, Bezier Limited, after it went into administration – obtaining 90 days’ gross pay for each employee.



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