Injured singer wins damages

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An Equity member has received a significant settlement following an accident on stage.

The performer was injured when part of a spotlight hit his head during rehearsals.

Although the responsibility for the accident was clear, the case became difficult because of a dispute over damages.

The performer suffered post-concussion symptoms, developed long-term headaches and facial pain. This pain could be aggravated by his main livelihood, which is singing. He was off work for three months and, while he was then able to return to his original role, he was physically unable to take up additional freelance work.

Plans to expand his teaching practice were also made uncertain because of his accident.

Working with Morrish Solicitors, Equity’s lawyers, the singer sought a claim for his considerable lost earnings, but he was dismissively accused of exaggerating the effects of his injury.

Morrish Solicitors employed a neurology expert, who gave evidence that the singer’s condition was related to the accident. Psychological evidence was also obtained to prove the connection between the incident and the member’s longstanding pain. The employer’s insurance firm tried to question whether the falling spotlight caused the singer’s symptoms, and even suggested they were not as serious as he claimed. Morrish maintained their stance and ultimately won the case, resulting in a doubling of the initial settlement offer.

Source – Equity Magazine


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