How to Protect Your Assets in a Divorce  

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How to Protect your Assets in a Divorce | Morrish Solicitors

Deciding to get a divorce from your partner can be a difficult and upsetting time. There are many factors you need to consider, including the financial aspect of the divorce, agreeing how the assets will be divided including what will happen to the family home. 

You may feel it is unfair to divide your assets equally in the divorce settlement if you built-up significant assets before your marriage, or inherited your home from a loved one. In this article, our expert Divorce and Family Solicitor, Noelle Heath explains how to protect your assets in a divorce.  

Protecting Your Assets in a Divorce

Matrimonial assets in a divorce usually includes property,  pensions, and other financial assets, such as savings and investments. It is important that the assets are divided fairly and equally. However, this does not always mean an equal split.  

If you want to protect, in the event of a divorce, any assets acquired prior to the marriage our expert Divorce and Family Law Solicitors can provide you with the advice you need to ensure your assets are protected during a divorce, whilst ensuring the settlement with your former spouse is fair.  

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How to Protect Your Assets in a Divorce

Before getting married many couples in the UK choose to enter a Prenuptial Agreement (also known as a Prenup) in the hope it will reduce the risk of a prolonged distribute over finances in the divorce should they ever separate.  

A Prenuptial Agreement is a written agreement which outlines the couple’s intentions as to how their assets should be divided between them should they ultimately divorce.  

The agreements are particularly used when one of the couple has more assets than the other, and they can offer a form of protection for certain assets brought to the marriage enabling them to be ‘ring-fenced’ and prevented from being shared. 

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