Former SSG Employees Receive Compensation

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A group of former employees of SSG UK Specialist Ambulance Service Limited have now been awarded compensation for failure to inform and consult about the loss of their jobs. The company went into administration due to serious financial problems in September 2019 and around 80 staff lost their jobs.

Protective Award for Former SSG Employees

Morrish Solicitors represented the group of former SSG employees.

The employees concerned were dismissed instantly by the administrators, without any advance notice or consultation. By law the company should have held a minimum 30-day information and consultation period. The failure to do so means that those represented by Morrish Solicitors have each been awarded compensation of 90 days’ pay. Unfortunately, with the company being in administration, not all of this will be recovered, however, up to 8 weeks’ pay can now be claimed from the government’s Insolvency Service, which guarantees some debts to employees.

Daniel Kindell, Partner at Morrish Solicitors who represented the group says – “Where a company is expecting to make mass redundancies, it is only right that the law imposes a duty on the employer to discuss those expectations with staff and give them an opportunity to make suggestions to avoid redundancy, mitigate the consequences or reduce the numbers. This is done through a process of collective consultation. There was no attempt to comply with this at all in the present case. We therefore persuaded the Tribunal to  impose the maximum penalty and hope the award provides some sense of justice, given the appalling way in which those employees were treated.”

Making a Protective Award Claim

If you’ve been made redundant without consultation, then you and your colleagues may be entitled to compensation.

As a reputable Law Firm in the UK, we are renowned for our professionalism and empathy when handling all types of cases. Our employment solicitors have a wealth of knowledge and experience in handling protective award claims securing significant compensation for our clients.

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