Equity member receives compensation for bike accident

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Equity and Morrish Solicitors have recently secured substantial damages for a member who was injured after being involved in a cycling accident.

Beth Powlesland suffered a broken collar bone after she was knocked off of her bicycle on her way to work at the Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff on 16 June 2011, where she worked as a dance performer, tutor and choreographer.

The accident occurred when a passenger in a parked car opened her door without checking the road was clear. This caused Beth to hit the car and fall onto the road.

A passer-by called an ambulance and Beth was taken to Accident and Emergency at Heath Hospital in Cardiff, where she received x-rays on her right shoulder, which showed a fracture. 

She was fitted with a sling for 7 weeks and underwent physiotherapy. Beth was unable to return to work for 4 months following the accident.

Beth sought the support of Equity to pursue a personal injury claim and was put in touch with Martin Bare at Morrish Solicitors, their legal provider, who, with case notes and evidence from independent experts and witnesses, established that Beth had a claim. 

Beth said: “Thank you so much to the people at Equity and Morrish Solicitors. The damages I received are going to make such a huge difference to my life and I’m really grateful for the support and assistance I received throughout the process.”

This accident highlights the danger cyclists face every day and shows that sometimes a parked car can be just as dangerous as a moving one. This type of accident is becoming more common.

It is difficult, if not impossible, for a cyclist to see whether a driver or passenger is about to get out.  It is much less difficult for a driver or passenger to check for cyclists before opening the door, but unfortunately, they do not always do so, with the results sometimes being very serious.

The popularity of commuting by bike has increased by 760,000 in England and Wales in the past ten years and reflects the huge interest in cycling promoted by the likes of Olympic hero Bradley Wiggins and Le Grand Depart, which takes place later this year.

Beth has now returned to work, but has a permanent lump on her right collar bone. Damages awarded were for personal injury incurred and her consequential loss of earnings.



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