Equity member receives compensation for cycling accident

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Equity has recently secured substantial damages for a member who was injured after being involved in a cycling accident.

The Equity member, who was 25 years old at the time of the accident, was knocked off his bike when cycling in London. He was working as an actor at the time.

The accident occurred when a van pulled out of a junction and went straight into the Equity member. This caused him to be knocked off his bike and fall onto the road.

He was taken to hospital and diagnosed with a fractured shoulder, fitted with a sling and underwent a course of physiotherapy, returning to work 3-4 weeks following the accident. However, he did not fully recover from his injuries until 7-8 months later.

He sought the support of Equity to pursue a personal injury claim and was put in touch with Jason London at Morrish Solicitors their legal provider, who, with case notes and evidence from independent experts and witnesses, established that he had a claim.

The Equity member said: “Thank you so much to the people at Equity and Morrish Solicitors. The damages I received are going to make such a huge difference to my life and I’m really grateful for the support and assistance I received throughout the process.”

The member has now returned to work. The £15.000 damages awarded were for personal injury incurred and loss of earnings.


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