Employees are vulnerable, argues Morrish Solicitor

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13 September 2009 – A leading Leeds-based trade union lawyer today said that employees are vulnerable and always will be, and that union membership guarantees equal access to justice.

Martin Bare of Morrish Solicitors, commenting on an editorial in The Times which accused trade unions of lacking imagination in response to their decline, said that the protection of employees, enshrined in law, is habitually ignored by employers.

Citing statistics that the number of workplace injuries in unionised workplaces are half that of their non-unionised counterparts, Bare concluded \”the simplistic view that the raison d\’etre for trade unions of today is mere \’protection\’ ignores the grim reality that, without a voice in the workplace, employees are vulnerable and always will be.  Unions, and the voice they give their members, guarantee employees equal access to justice.\”

Martin Bare is member of The Times Law Panel and a past-President of a major national personal injury lawyers association.


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