Constructive Criticism

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Leeds, England – One of Yorkshire\’s oldest law firms entered the world of ePublishing today with the release of a new eBook which is the first of a planned series of digital law guides.

Morrish Solicitors of Leeds today published the first of their new series of Plain Language Law Guides, which was released through the independent online publishing giant,

\’Constructive Criticism\’ by Paul Scholey, a partner at the firm, is a helpful analysis of constructive unfair dismissal claims, and is the first of a series of law guides aimed at helping members of the public who find themselves in a situation where they need to turn to the law for help. Future guides will include more issues on employment rights, as well as matrimonial and family law, powers of attorney and mental capacity and asbestos-related diseases.

Speaking today, Scholey said the firm was pleased to be forging ahead in digital communications.

\”The book had originally started as an article which I\’d written to outline the difficulties that Claimants face in these cases. Everybody and his dog seemed to know something about the subject. I thought a bit of realism might help. The article was highly popular among union reps, members, and the general readership alike. The book aims to help people who think they might have a claim for constructive unfair dismissal, because these are very complex cases. Hopefully we can point people in the right direction, and maybe manage some expectations so that disappointment is avoided. The book is for general information only – it\’s an overview, and obviously not a substitute for professional, qualified legal advice from a solicitor,\” said Scholey earlier today.

The book is available from and the iBookstore for £1.99

Earlier today, the Yorkshire Post printed Top Ten Tips on surviving redundancy by David Sorensen, another Partner at Morrish Solicitors.

For further information, please contact Vanessa Charters, Head of Communications at Morrish Solicitors on 0113 297 9844 or 0759 5564764.


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