Did you receive enough compensation for your personal injury claim?

Over recent years many thousands of personal injury claims have been settled by inexperienced and non-qualified paralegals, employed by solicitor firms, who process such claims along the lines of a factory conveyer belt system.

The paralegals often have massive case numbers and are set impossibly high fee targets.  The result is that they do not give the necessary attention to the details of the claim, and often encourage settlements that are achieved too early, and at too low a level of compensation.

If your case has not actually settled, then we may be able to take over your case and achieve a higher settlement figure for you*. Or alternatively, if the claim has been settled it may be possible to claim against your solicitors for their professional negligence. There is a specific protocol for such claims.

*We recently took on a case where our client had been advised by her solicitors to accept an offer of £1750.  We managed to secure a settlement of around £25,000.

Are you satisfied that your solicitors have:

  • claimed all your financial losses
  • made a claim for the care element of your claim
  • obtained and interpreted the correct medical evidence
  • considered the psychological aspects of your claim
  • given consideration to pain management issues and the psychological aspects of your claim

If you feel that compensation for your claim has been undervalued, or you have not actually received enough compensation, or you are otherwise unhappy with your solicitors then please contact us on 033 3344 9600, email [email protected] or complete the form below.

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