Pressure sores or ulcers are localised injuries to the skin and underlying tissue usually occurring over a bony prominence.  The heels and the sacrum are common places for these ulcers to develop.  They occur when pressure and friction is applied over a prolonged period, therefore, people who are bed bound or in a wheelchair are especially vulnerable.

Formerly known as bedsores, it is easy to overlook how serious pressure injures can be. The most serious are life threatening.  Although there are many measures which can be employed to prevent or manage a pressure sore, such as regular turning and special mattresses, if they become serious they will require lengthy dressing and treatment and in extreme cases, skin grafting and plastic surgery.

Our team at Morrish solicitors has a great deal of experience in dealing with compensation for pressure sore injuries.

Some examples of our successful claims are:

  • £60,000.00 award to a paraplegic who developed a Grade IV sacral pressure sore whilst in hospital
  • £100,000.00 for a man who developed a Grade IV pressure sore and required ongoing care

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