Your General Practitioner will be your main point of contact for your healthcare needs.  The GP’s role is to diagnose and treat your condition where that can be done in the community.  When necessary, the GP will also arrange referrals to specialists for further investigations, diagnosis and treatment.

However, like all healthcare professionals, GPs can make mistakes which can have serious consequences for a patient.  Common errors which result in compensation claims against GPs include:

  • Failure to carry out appropriate investigations to diagnose a condition
  • Delay in, or failure to, refer a patient for a specialist opinion
  • Failure to prescribe the correct medication in the correct dosage

Some examples of our successful claims against GPs include:

  • An award of £135,000.00 where the GP failed to recognise the symptoms of a Pulmonary Embolism resulting in the patient’s death
  • An award of £275,000.00 for the failure of the GP to recognise symptoms of  an ischiorectal abscess after guided biopsy resulting in renal failure
  • An award of £150,000.00 for failure to diagnose Charcott Foot in a diabetic patient resulting in a below knee amputation
  • An award of £8,000.00 for a chemical burn injury during a minor surgical procedure in the GP practice
  • An award of £10,000.00 for the failure to treat an infection in a diabetic patient

If you or a loved one has suffered an illness or injury as a consequence of substandard treatment from a GP, contact our experienced Medical Negligence team today on 033 3344 9600 or complete our online enquiry form below.

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