A fractured bone is a relatively common injury which we expect a medical professional to accurately diagnose and treat appropriately. However this does not always happen.

An undiagnosed fracture, which has not been treated promptly can be very painful and may have an adverse affect on the healing of the bone, resulting in functional and mobility problems for an individual.

Medical negligence claims relating to fractures therefore tend to fall into two distinct categories: failure to diagnose (or missed fractures) and incorrect treatment after diagnosis. Medical negligence claims in relation to fractures usually fall into two categories:

  • Failure to diagnose: this can include the failure to take an x-ray when it was appropriate to do so or misinterpreting an x-ray that has been taken.
  • Incorrect treatment following diagnosis: this can include conservative management of a fracture when alternative treatment such as surgery is required.

Some examples of our successful claims include:

  • An award of £493,000.00 for the failure to diagnose and thereafter appropriately treat a slipped femoral epiphysis. As a result, the Claimant was left with a grossly deranged left hip and developed avascular necrosis.
  • An award of £10,000.00 for the failure to appropriately manage and treat an angulated fracture of the right radius resulting in a significant mal union which required corrective surgery.
  • An award of £21,000.00 for the failure to diagnose and treat a scaphoid fracture causing unnecessary pain and suffering and further surgery.

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