Delayed Treatment Compensation Claims  

Have you been a victim of medical negligence due to delayed treatment? Then you may be entitled to make a delayed treatment compensation claim.

When you have an injury, illness or medical condition it’s important you receive treatment as quickly as possible to ensure your health doesn’t deteriorate. Unfortunately, delayed treatment can have devastating consequences on your health and lifestyle. In some circumstances, the speed at which you receive treatment could be a matter of life or death depending on your condition.  

If you or a loved one have been impacted by delayed treatment due to medical negligence, pursuing  compensation claim may get you the answers you deserve, an apology from healthcare professionals and compensation to help you manage with the long-term effects of delayed treatment.  

Are You Entitled to Make a Claim for Delayed Treatment? 

You are entitled to make a claim for delayed treatment if medical negligence has taken place. Here are some grounds where you may have the right to make a claim for delayed treatment:  

  • Your GP has failed to pick up on your symptoms  
  • You were not referred to a specialist   
  • You were diagnosed incorrectly 
  • You have not been prescribed the right medication or at the correct time  
  • Long waiting times for surgery and your condition has worsened 
  • Your treatment was delayed due to the pandemic 
  • Failure to follow up 

Since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic the NHS has been put under new pressures, with officials ordering hospitals to cancel treatments, surgeries and screening/tests for a period of time to help prevent the spread of the virus. As a result of this hospital waiting times have soared and many patients face up to 12 months waiting lists for routine surgery which may cause complications for some.  

Patients who have suffered due to delayed treatment for serious illnesses, such as cancer, diabetes and a heart condition may be entitled to claim compensation. 

Making a Delayed Treatment Compensation Claim  

If you think you have the grounds to make a claim for delayed treatment speak to Morrish Solicitors today, one of our medical negligence experts will discuss your case in confidence and give you honest specialist advice.  

To be able to pursue a delayed treatment claim you must be able to evidence that negligence caused a delay in your treatment. Our solicitors will do this by obtaining your medical records and assessing the evidence. The evidence we usually require to prove you have a case for delayed treatment is medical records, witness testimony and in particular supporting evidence from an independent medical professional. 

Expert Medical Negligence Solicitors  

Morrish Solicitors are one of West Yorkshire’s leading Law Firms specialising in medical negligence claimsOur team of professional, experienced and courteous medical negligence solicitors are able to help you with all types of delayed treatment cases.  

As experts in medical negligence our high standards and excellent legal services have been recognised by industry awards and accreditations. We have received Clinical Negligence Accreditation from The Law Society so; our clients can have peace of mind we will follow the correct procedures to claim the compensation they deserve.  

If you’ve been a victim of medical negligence due to delayed treatment please call us on 033 3344 9600 to discuss your claim or simply fill in our online contact us form below.  

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