Ambulance Service Claims

Types of Ambulance Services Claims

You may be entitled to make a claim against the ambulance service if you have suffered unnecessary pain and suffering caused by either the paramedics or ambulance service. Our specialist medical negligence solicitors have supported clients with a wide range of claims against the ambulance service.

Types of ambulance service claims include, but are not limited to:

  • Significant delay in the ambulance service reaching the patient
  • Failure to reach the patient after the 999 call was made
  • Failure to provide emergency treatment.
  • Failure to provide appropriate treatment.
  • Failure to correctly identify symptoms & carry out correct observations.
  • Misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis of medical condition
  • Failure to admit someone to hospital when necessary.

Make a Claim Against Ambulance Service

To make a claim against the ambulance service speak to one of our medical negligence experts on 033 3344 9600. We will provide a free initial 30-minute consultation to discuss and assess if we think you have sufficient grounds to make a claim against the ambulance service.

There are different funding options available for this type of claims. The majority of claims we take on are on a No Win No Fee basis, meaning you will not need to pay anything upfront towards your legal fees. You will only be required to pay the legal fees if the claim is successful, which we will claim from the other party.

If we believe you have the grounds to make a successful claim, we will need to build your case. To do this we will need to obtain medical records, gather witness evidence, and consult independent medical experts. We will make every effort to get you the answers, apology, and compensation you deserve following the medical incident.

Please note, there are strict time limits when making a medical negligence claim. The claim must be brought within 3 years of the date from which you first knew or suspected that you were injured because of the alleged negligence.

Specialist Medical Negligence Solicitors

Morrish Solicitors are a national law firm based in West Yorkshire. We have a highly qualified team of medical negligence solicitors who can assist on variety of claims caused by medical mistakes. Our solicitors will handle your ambulance service claim with the upmost sensitively and work efficiently to get you the compensation you deserve.

As medical negligence experts we have received Clinical Negligence Accreditation from The Law Society for our high standard of service so you can have peace of mind your claim is in the best hands.

If you’ve suffered medical mistakes caused by paramedics or the ambulance service, please call us on 033 3344 9600 or simply fill in our online contact form below.

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