Occupational Disease Solicitors at Morrish Solicitors

Despite advances in health and safety practices and medical technology, occupational disease remains a fact of modern life. When you or your loved one is diagnosed with an occupational disease, the effects can be devastating for both the victim and the entire family. At that time, you need authoritative, expert legal advice to reduce the fear and worry that such distressing news brings, and to help you navigate the uncertain times ahead.

We take a different approach to other services out there. You need a solicitor who will address the uncertainty, the burden and the worry that comes at such times, so that you can concentrate on what’s important – getting on with life. Morrish Solicitors are recognised experts in this field, from our proven track record of winning for our clients, to being represented on government committees dealing with occupational disease and providing expert opinion in consultations.

We proudly act for Trade Unions and their members. We also welcome clients who don’t benefit from this assistance, and we can advise on alternative sources of funding. ‘No win no fee’ arrangements may also be available.

Please remember that all Occupational Disease claims are subject to strict deadlines. By law, you must normally submit your claim to the court within 3 years of your condition being confirmed as linked to your employment. Please call 033 3344 9600 and ask to speak to our Occupational Disease Department, or complete our form below.

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