Cohabitation Agreement

Unmarried Couples Living Together

What to Include in a Cohabitation Agreement? 

Our Family Law Solicitors will help guide you through the process of making a cohabitation agreement. They will provide you with clear, honest and professional advice on what you could include in the agreement such as;  

  • Each person’s share of the property  
  • How each person will contribute to the household bills e.g., mortgage and utilities etc.  
  • How joint bank accounts are dealt with  
  • What would happen to the items you have bought together e.g., furniture  

    Cohabitation Legal Advice

    Cohabiting couples should not wait until problems arise but, together, should make arrangements for their future in the event that they part company. The knowledge that your future arrangements are well established can provide a solidity of a relationship in the same way that a marriage can. 

    One way to make such provisions is through the mechanism of Cohabitation Agreements. They are the best option for cohabiting couples who wish to make provisions for their future. 

    When a relationship ends, it is essential that legal advice is sought at an early stage.  Where there are children involved, this is particularly important.   

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