ATL member receives compensation following bicycle accident

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An ATL member has received compensation after being knocked from her bicycle by a car in August 2013.

Mrs Flynn, from Doncaster, was on her way to a café when a car attempted to overtake her. However, as the car swerved back in order to avoid a car approaching in the opposite direction; it hit her on the arm and face, which caused her to fall to the ground.

She was taken to Doncaster Royal Infirmary, where x-rays were carried out and was advised that she had fractured her right elbow, cheekbone and jawline.

Mrs. Flynn required surgery to her fractured cheekbone and had her arm in a pot for a few weeks. After the pot was removed, she suffered ongoing problems with lifting and cycling, which meant that she had to undergo physiotherapy for 5-6 weeks.

ATL referred the member to Morrish Solicitors, their national personal injury solicitors and legal experts.

The defendant’s insurers admitted liability for the accident and initially put forward a settlement figure of £20,000 in November 2013, which was then increased to £22,500 in February 2014. A full and final settlement figure was offered in July 2014 for £25,000 plus costs, which was accepted.  The settlement figure included settlement for injury, expenses incurred and loss of earnings.

The member received her compensation cheque within a year of the accident taking place. Neither Mrs. Flynn nor ATL had to pay any legal costs for the claim.

Mrs. Flynn stated: “I was delighted with the result and service I received from both ATL and Martin Bare and his team at Morrish Solicitors.  Obviously I would rather have not had to go through the whole experience at all, but the fact that I am an ATL member, meant that I was not charged 25% costs and received 100% of my compensation. This would not have been the case, had I not been a Union member.”

If you are an ATL member and you or a member of your family have suffered an injury in or outside of work, please complete our online claim form, or call the ATL Injury Claims Line on 0800 083 7285.



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