Accident at work victim gets justice with the help of Unite Legal Services

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A member of Unite the Union has received compensation following an accident at work, which took place in April 2013.

Mr Austin, who worked in an Ash Plant Team in Doncaster, suffered an injury to his hand whilst clearing a block crusher at work.

The gate, which he hooked up as he climbed into the crusher, fell onto his left hand.  He was taken to Pontefract Hospital and then onto Pinderfields Hospital in Wakefield, where an x-ray revealed that he had fractured his left index finger and the wound required stitches.

Mr Austin had to take time off of work and he has been left with permanent scarring and numbness. 

Union membership enabled access to justice

After his accident Unite Legal Services put the member in touch with their legal provider, Morrish Solicitors who pursued a claim on her behalf.

It was established that the employer’s equipment was defective and therefore unsafe – the hooks which the gate had been secured with were splayed, which led to Mr. Austin’s accident. The employer admitted liability, but raised an allegation of contributory negligence.

This was contested and his employers then conceded liability in full.

An initial settlement figure of £4,500 was offered, followed by £6,250, which were both rejected. This was followed by a full and final settlement figure of £6,500.


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