A new Government – where to, employment law?

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Whilst we await further announcements, our David Sorensen has reviewed the Conservative manifesto and other policy documents to work out the 6 steps most likely to be taken by the new Government in employment law:
1. Scrap the Human Rights Act and replace it with a British Bill of Rights – this will inevitably affect e.g. the way in which Employment Tribunals conduct themselves and the sort of arguments about privacy in email use/social media/misconduct cases in the unfair dismissal context.
2. Restrict strike laws further – bringing in a minimum turnout for industrial action of 40% of the workers entitled to vote within certain sectors (fire, transport, health and education), criminalisation of certain types of picketing, an extension in the length of a union’s required notice of industrial action from 7 to 14 days, a reduction in the ‘life span’ of industrial action ballots so as to require regular fresh ballots to be called, allowing employers to use agency workers to provide cover during a strike etc. All of these steps will inevitably make it even harder for unions to support workers who strike and increase the (already enormous) red tape unions face in these cases.

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