If you are looking for friendly, professional legal advice, along with welcome savings, ATL section members, or new members of the National Education Union, receive a wide range of discounts and benefits from Morrish Solicitors, giving you peace of mind.

Personal Injury – No win, no fee

Morrish Solicitors LLP are appointed by ATL to provide legal services to members and their families.

Morrish Solicitors are specialist personal injury lawyers with a long history of providing quality legal services to many Trades Unions, Professional Associations and their members.

The personal injury service is free of charge (subject to the rules of the scheme) and caters for members and their families who have suffered injury, both in and outside of work. In order to submit an enquiry, simply complete the online registration form and you will be contacted directly by a Solicitor from Morrish Solicitors. Alternatively, you can telephone the Injury Claims Line on 033 3344 9616 

Frequently Asked Injury Questions

If you have sustained an injury due to the negligence of another, it is likely that you will be entitled to make a personal injury claim. When you contact us, we will assess very quickly whether or not you have a valid accident claim. It may be that you are entitled to accident compensation for your injuries.  A damages payment can represent what it takes to return you to your original state before the accident took place.

By their nature, accidents vary enormously and no two injuries are exactly the same. You want your personal injury lawyer to assess your situation on its own merits.

Please speak to one of our expert injury lawyers today for free legal advice on your situation.

There are strict time limits which apply to personal injury claims. In most cases, if you are 18 or over and have been injured, you have 3 years from the date of your accident in which to formally commence legal proceedings.

Because it takes time to assess your case, gather medical evidence and contact insurers, if you have had an accident, you must seek legal advice as soon as possible.

However, time limits can vary and sometimes the time limit can be shorter than 3 years. We recommend, again, that you seek legal advice as soon as possible.

Your injury compensation claim is brought against the person or organisation that is to blame (or partially to blame) for causing your injury. In most cases that person or organisation will have insurance – we usually negotiate with their insurer who then pay any compensation you are due.

If you instruct us to handle your case, we will pursue your claim with every effort to resolve it as quickly as possible to recover the maximum amount of compensation for you.

Every claim is different, and sometimes court proceedings are unavoidable.  Even after court proceedings commence, an out of court settlement can still be reached, avoiding the need for court.  As litigation specialists, we have a well deserved reputation for being meticulously prepared and keeping our clients informed of their options at each stage.

In our legal system, the payment of compensation is intended to place the injured victim in a position as close to that as if your accident, injury or illness had never happened.

We seek to recover compensation for both your injury and all consequential losses including, for example, loss of earnings. We take a holistic approach which also focuses on your need for rehabilitation. For many accident victims, a key part of their rehabilitation involves being able to return to work and once again becoming an active member of society.

Other Legal Services

10% discount

We understand that buying and selling a house can be one of the most stressful and time-consuming events of your life. What helps most of all during this time is a professional service that listens to you and doesn’t treat you like a number.
ATL has teamed up with Morrish Solicitors to offer you a friendly, professional, nationwide property and conveyancing service at a discounted rate that you will want to use every time you buy or sell property.

Morrish Solicitors’ comprehensive property services include:

  • residential sale and purchase
  • business sale and purchase
  • re-mortgage work
  • investment property work
  • transfer of equity
  • residential leases
  • commercial leases
  • planning and licensing
  • landlord and tenant agreements.

Please call Steven McMaster at Morrish Solicitors on 033 3344 9600.

10% discount

We understand that matrimonial and family problems can have devastating emotional and financial effects on members and their families. Friendly, professional advice in person or by phone can be enormously reassuring.

To ensure you receive quality advice and assistance at a discounted rate in this often overlooked area in life, ATL Plus has teamed up with Morrish Solicitors, who have a long, respected history in advising individuals on wills and probate and elderly client services. 

Our expertise in this specialist area covers:

  • powers of attorney
  • advice regarding cost of residential or nursing care
  • elderly client services
  • court of protection
  • estate administration
  • trusts
  • tax planning
  • civil partnerships law

Call Noelle Heath, solicitor at Morrish Solicitors, on 033 3344 9600 for a no-obligation quote.

Simple Wills at a discounted rate of £40.00 (plus VAT) for members (£80.00 plus VAT for simple mirror Wills). 10% discount on all other elderly client services

We recognise the importance of having an up-to-date will and taking steps to deal with issues such as inheritance tax, the cost of any residual or nursing care or loss of mental capacity.

We have a respected history in advising individuals on wills and probate and elderly client services. Morrish Solicitors also offer members a competitive estate and tax planning service.

Area of expertise in this specialist area covers:

  • powers of attorney
  • advice regarding cost of residential or nursing care
  • elderly client services
  • court of protection
  • estate administration
  • trusts
  • tax planning

Contact – Christina Taylor for further advice.

We also have a specialist medical negligence team dedicated to acting for victims of medical negligence.

Being a victim of medical negligence can be bewildering and it can be difficult to know where to turn. You have placed your trust in a healthcare professional and been let down, sometimes very badly and with serious consequences.  Many victims seek a simple explanation, to understand what went wrong and why or an apology from the doctor or professional body concerned. Sadly, this is not always forthcoming.

If you or a member of your family has been a victim of medical negligence, you need to seek professional expert advice as soon as possible because it takes time to assess your case and there are strict time limits, usually three years in order to bring a claim. This three year period runs either from the date of the negligence, or from the date you should have been aware of the injury or claim.

Area of expertise in this specialist area include:

  • A&E
  • birth injury
  • brain injury
  • delay in diagnosis
  • misdiagnosis
  • spinal injury
  • cancer claims

The Medical Negligence team at Morrish Solicitors includes solicitors who are members of the Law Society Clinical Negligence Accreditation Scheme, the Medical Negligence charity Action against Medical Accidents (AvMA) and APIL.

There are a number of ways to fund your claim, dependent upon your individual circumstances. Owing to their complexity, Medical Negligence cases can be expensive to investigate and pursue. We are able to represent you on a no win, no fee basis. We also hold a Medical Negligence franchise for the Legal Services Commission and are therefore able to offer Legal Aid in appropriate cases.

If you would like to know more about our medical negligence services, please call 033 3344 9600 or email [email protected]

Criminal – We know, given our experience, how stressful being accused of a criminal offence can be. Whether you are to be questioned by police, or whether criminal proceedings have been started, when you instruct us to help with your criminal defence, you can be assured of receiving specialist advice. Phil Morris, who heads the department, qualified as a Solicitor in 1992 and was called to the Bar in 2011. He has been involved in many cases, of all levels of severity and offers an effective, discreet service.

Motoring Offences – If you are worried about the effect of that speeding ticket on your licence, or are anxious to avoid a driving disqualification, you can be assured that by contacting us and instructing us to deal with your case you stand the very best chance of a successful outcome. But it isn’t just speeding – given our experience we have dealt with all types of motoring cases including those sensitive and difficult cases involving death or serious injury arising from accidents.

Contact – Phil Morris for further details.

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